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What Makes Achieve TMS East Unique?

We are proud to be the largest Deep TMS Provider in New England. Our clinicians, staff, and management team all have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are happy to tell you more about our outcomes as well as answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to give us a call at 866-410-8245 for additional information.


Benefits of TMS

TMS Sends Magnetic Pulses to the Mood Centers of the Brain

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) is an innovative treatment that offers lasting relief from depression symptoms. dTMS has been clinically proven to be an effective and non-invasive alternative for those who are not able to find relief from prescription medications. dTMS has also been shown to have none of the side effects that are commonly seen in antidepressant treatment and electric shock therapy (ECT).








Helps Treat Treatment Resistant Depression

Those not helped by antidepressants can benefit


No anesthesia or electric shocks are used

Little to No Pain

Painless for many, some report slight headaches or irritation at treatment site during treatment

No Effect on Cognition

Quick 20-minute treatments that the patient is able to drive themselves to and from

No Side Effects

Like those of antidepressants—with TMS, avoid the weight gain, nausea, dry mouth, decreased sex drive, etc

No Drugs

No use of additional antidepressants or medication of any kind


TMS Depression Treatment Comparison Chart

Achieve TMS East is a Leading Provider of Deep TMS.

Achieve TMS East understands that each person has a unique background and history, which is why we provide a free phone and in-person consultation to understand your needs and how we can help. Our care team consists of compassionate and experienced TMS Specialists and board-certified psychiatrists who will walk you through the treatment process, answer any questions, and ensure high quality care so you or your loved ones can achieve the most effective outcome.

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How TMS works
  • Many people have treatment resistant depression, where antidepressants have helped little if at all. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an excellent alternative. Whether or not antidepressants have helped previously, TMS can still be effective.

    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation utilizes a helmet containing a magnetic coil that is placed gently on the patient’s head. The coil produces a magnetic field that pulses directly to the part of the brain where mood is regulated. This brain stimulation activates the chemicals in the brain to produce the natural feeling of happiness and well-being. The TMS difference is that it produces long-lasting results with little to no side effects.


Offers New Hope

If you are one of the many who have tried antidepressant therapies but has not found relief, TMS can provide you hope and recovery. TMS was specifically designed to help those who have medication-resistant depression and target the direct source of the problem in the brain. TMS treatment restores the chemical imbalance in the brain and has helped a wide range of age groups and backgrounds. There is a new-found HOPE in TMS.



Non-Invasive Treatment

It may seem surprising that such an effective treatment can provide minimal to no side effects. TMS was designed to provide direct contact to the mood centers of the brain while excluding the side effects that may come from medications or electric shock therapy. The magnetic pulse is typically not felt at all during treatment and a very few have experienced a slight headache at the site of treatment.

Our treatment centers have been designed to put you at ease, helping you to reach your optimal comfort level while receiving treatment. You will be seated in a comfortable chair where you can sit back and watch television, listen to music, or just close your eyes and rest. Once treatment has been completed, you are free to drive back home or to work, as there are absolutely no effects on cognition due to the TMS treatments.


No Drug Side Effects

Side effects from antidepressants or electric shock therapy treatment can make you feel like there will never be complete relief from your symptoms. However, with the revolutionary technology that TMS provides, you will experience minimal to no side effects. That’s right. Imagine finding full relief from depression while not having to endure the side effects commonly associated with other treatment options such as weight gain, nausea, dizziness and loss of libido.

If you are currently taking a medication and undergoing TMS treatment, do not stop taking your prescribed medications. Post TMS treatment you may be able to gradually go off your medications with the supervision of a qualified doctor. If you need a doctor to work with you on your medications, we can assign you one from our network.

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TMS Restores Chemical Balance

Depression is often caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain which can occur due to high levels of stress, genetics, traumatic events, and other physical and environmental factors. TMS works by delivering magnetic pulses directly to these mood centers of the brain that stimulate the sleepy chemicals to restore the feelings of happiness and well-being.

Signs of a chemical imbalance may include a lack of energy, irritability, change in sleep and/or eating habits, lack of interest in activities that were previously enjoyable, and isolation.




The Brainsway machine has been successfully tested around the world, demonstrating its efficacy in over 60 clinical trials globally. The Brainsway treatment is often referred to as “deep” TMS because the magnetic pulses reach deeper than other magnetic coils on the market.

• A comfortable padded helmet with a built in H-coil specific for patients experiencing depression.
• Pulses are delivered to strategic regions of the brain through the H-coil technology.
• Pulses are delivered safely, stimulating more neurons without any additional risk.
• A cooling system is integrated into the helmet.
• Treatment sessions last approximately 20 minutes.


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Additional Treatment with TMS


    TMS was cleared in the United States by the FDA back in 2008 to help patients with treatment-resistant depression and in 2013 for OCD. It has also been CE approved in Europe for the treatment of bipolar disorder, PTSD, chronic pain, OCD, and adult ADHD.

    Including studies and TMS treatment worldwide, TMS has helped with the following:



    • MDD

    • Dysthymia

    • Anxiety

    • ADHD

    • Addictions

    • MDD

    • PDD

    • PTSD

    • OCD

    • Eating Disorders

    • Tinnitus

    • MDD

    • Chronic Pain

    • Sleep Disorders

    • Alzhiemer's

    • Migraines

    • Chemical Imbalance

Insurance Coverage for TMS

Insurance accepted for Depression Treatment, specifically TMS therapy, has more than doubled in the last few years; a sign that insurance companies must see cost savings in a treatment method for major depressive disorder (MDD) that works more efficiently than the traditional regimen. Contact Achieve TMS East today to speak to one of our friendly, informed staff members who can answer your questions regarding insurance accepted for depression treatment and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy at (866) 943-2181.

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